Desert Hairy Scorpion, Hadrurus arizonensis
Northern Desert (Black) Hairy Scorpion, Hadrurus spadix
(Scorpiones: Iuridae or Caraboctonidae)

There are three species of giant hairy scorpions native to the southwest United States. They grow to 8 or 10 cm and thrive in arid environments, constructing deep burrows in which they reside (Rubio 2000). The desert hairy scorpion, H. arizonensis, occurs in Arizona, southern California, Nevada and Utah, and Mexico (Ove Rein 2005). The northern desert hairy scorpion (H. spadix), occurs in northwest Arizona, California, Utah, southern Nevada, Oregon, and Idaho (Rubio 2000). H. arizonensis varies in color but always has a yellow "triangle" between the eyes and chelicerae. H. spadix has a dark body with yellow appendages. These scorpions are docile unless disturbed, after which they may attempt to sting the intruder. However, Hadrurus species are not considered dangerous. These scorpions are prone to a fatal fungal infection if humidity is too high. Add a moist paper towel sparingly instead of a water dish.


Captive Requirements

Housing: 6 to 10 L cage for adults
Communal: No
Diet: Crickets, cockroaches
Substrate: 10 cm of sand mixture, well packed
Decor: Rocks, driftwood, corkbark
Temperature: 23.9 to 29.4 C (75 to 85 F)
Humidity: Low
Temperament: Docile
Considerations: Good for beginners

***Hadrurus arizonensis***

I got Soda (a male) on 4/19/05 from Todd Gearheart. I have several other females and another male. The individual temperaments can vary greatly between specimens. A female from Arizona gave birth last year. Several scorplings were seen once. I assume she at the young. More pics to come!!

May 25, 2005 Scorplings that disappeared :(

Hadrurus spadix***

I got J.J. in August of 2002. She was generally docile and allowed me to handle her, although at first she occasionally tried to sting if annoyed. After a while, though, she became my most docile scorpion. J.J. didn't make a burrow, but was content under pieces of driftwood. J.J. died in April of 2003 and I have since gotten another spadix at ATS 2006.

Nov. 16, 2002

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