African Black-Tailed Scorpion
Parabuthus liosoma (Scorpiones: Buthidae)

The African Black-Tailed Scorpion is one of several species of Parabuthus. *THIS SPECIES IS POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS* and should always be regarded with caution. Parabuthus liosoma is about 7 cm long including the tail and occurs in arid regions of Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen  (Ove Rein 2000). This scorpion prefers to hide under rocks and other shelters rather than construct burrows. The fat metasoma (tail) and thin pedipalps (claws) of thick-tailed scorpions are characteristics of the family Buthidae, which all of the world’s dangerous scorpions belong to.


Captive Requirements

Housing: 5 to 10 L cage should be sufficient
Communal: No
Diet: Crickets, cockroaches
Substrate: 6 to 10 cm of sand mixture
Decor: Rocks, bark, driftwood
Temperature: 26.7° C (80° F)
Humidity: Low
Temperament: May be defensive
Considerations: Potent venom, not for beginners!


I got Snickers on 4/19/05 from Todd Gearheart. I highly recommend doing business with him! I think this little bugger may be gravid.

Apr. 25, 2005

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Parabuthus liosoma (Scorpion Files)