Yellow Thick-Tailed Scorpion
Parabuthus mossambicensis (Scorpiones: Buthidae)

The Yellow Thick-Tailed Scorpion is one of several species of Parabuthus. *THIS SPECIES IS POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS* and should always be regarded with caution. Native to southern Africa, these scorpions thrive in arid environments and are found in rural areas (Leeming 2006). The fat metasoma (tail) and thin pedipalps (claws) of thick-tailed scorpions are characteristics of the family Buthidae, which all of the world’s dangerous scorpions belong to. Parabuthus mossambicensis is about 8 cm long including the tail, and constructs burrows up 30 cm deep (Leeming 2006). Deaths have been attributed to this species (Scorpions of Southern Africa), but the venom is more toxic to young children and elderly adults.


Captive Requirements

Housing: 6 to 10 L cage should be sufficient
Communal: No
Diet: Crickets, cockroaches
Substrate: At least 10 cm of sand mixture
Decor: Rocks, bark, driftwood
Temperature: 26.7° C (80° F)
Humidity: Low
Temperament: Defensive or skittish
Considerations: Potent venom, not for beginners!


I got Searie on 4/5/04 from Har Mar Pet Shop. The pet store sold her as a “South American Yellow Thick-Tailed Scorpion.” Obviously she is a South African Parabuthus. She appears to be gravid.

Apr. 5, 2004

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Scorpions of Southern Africa: Parabuthus