Usambara Orange Baboon Tarantula
Pterinochilus murinus (Araneae: Theraphosidae)

Photo courtesy of Nix

Usambara Orange Baboon Tarantulas are one of several species of Pterinochilus (the common name doesn't mean anything, but I've included it here since many people who view my site are not keen on proper Latin names). Scientists still have a lot to learn about the taxonomy and different species of the genus Pterinochilus. These spiders lack the urticating hairs of the New World tarantulas, but can be quite defensive. These obligate burrowers may remain secluded in their burrows for long periods of time.


Captive Requirements

Housing: 10 to 20 L cage for large adults
Communal: Perhaps when young
Diet: Crickets, cockroaches
Substrate: At least 10 cm of soil or peat moss
Decor: Cork bark, flower pot, or wood hideout, water dish
Temperature: 21.1 to 26.7 C (70 to 80 F)
Humidity: Low
Temperament: Defensive and skittish
Considerations: Not for beginners


UPDATE: Mombasa has died for no apparent reason!! (In 2005.)

I received Mombasa from another arachnophile in August 2003 as a trade for some millipedes. This spider is housed in a small critter keeper and prefers to remain out-of-site (therefore, I don't have many pictures).

Mombasa Sept. 18, 2003 Photos of Keoche courtesy of Nix
What a beauty!

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